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A Little Bit About Aych

Born in Wilmington, Delaware Aych (pronounced "H") fell in love with music and Basketball. As he grew older so did his passion for the music industry. Tampa would become his home as an adult following his dreams and opportunities as a recording artist and promoter. 2006, He became frustrated with the lack of diversity in the city and started an open mic called "Da Cypher", which is the longest running hip hop open mic in Tampa history. It's became a staple in Tampa for up and coming people in the industry. Through the years he has done countless jobs in the music industry, all while still putting out music and touring.
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Phone: 302-345-7090
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Aych - Tha Last Castle

Tha Last Castle

Released 2016
Aych - 1000 Crowns

1000 Crowns

Released 2014
Aych - Power


Released 2013
Aych - Monster


Released 2012
Aych - To Kill A King

To Kill A King

Released 2012
Aych - The Cure II

The Cure II

Released 2011
Aych - The Cure

The Cure

Released 2010
Aych - Dollay Day Vol. 4

Dolla Day 4

Released 2009